Workplace Wellness

How we work for you.

We automate the entire process. The only action your managers need to take is simply send an email to your employees. We do the rest. If it were any easier invisible hands would fly into your office window and rub shoulders. We like our way better.

Onsite Massage

10 minutes of hands on time with 5 minutes of recovery and consultation.


Onsite Massage Plus

25 minutes of hands on time with 5 minutes of recovery and consultaion.


Who pays?

While we recommend that business add this into their wellness initiatives, that's not always an option. We have contracts that allow businesses to split it however they like. 50/50. 75/25. Some organizations opt to not pay for the service at all. Employees still gladly participate.

Consultations are free!

Thinking you might want something like this at your company? Book an appointment with Mike- he'll pop by on your schedule and work out the kinks. We strive to make providing this service as painless as possible. See for yourself!


Want to give us a try?

Let us speak with your HR representative about providing chair massage in Western New York.