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Our Approach


The staff at Biometric Bodyworks are the most skilled and empathetic people I’ve ever worked with. Period.”

 –Debbie Vaughan C.R.N.A.


"I have no doubt in my mind that Biometric is the best provider of onsite massage in Buffalo"

 - Christian William Cosentino 

Our Story

Our Story

Tired of the unfair grind at commercial spas- Mike decided that he needed to change how we think about massage. Right now we're small but we plan to expand our services to include Chiropractic and eventually create brick and mortar establishments. 

We believe in taking small conservative steps to improve the industry and the lives of the people we touch. We've got your back!

Meet the Team

Check back regularly for new faces!


Micheal J Beck LMT

Owner/ Massage Therapist

Micheal has worked in the spa industry for over six years. Now he works in your industry and he's looking to make it a better place.

Fun Fact: Micheal doesn't have a favorite color.

Fun Fact: Micheal used to live inside of Fort Niagara State Park.

Fun Fact: Micheal doesn't own a pair of dress shoes.


Christian Holdridge MBA

CFO/ Development Manager

Christian doesn't rub backs, as well she shouldn't because often she rubs people the wrong way! She keeps our books looking great, though. 

Fun Fact: Christian doesn't actually rub people the wrong way.

Fun Fact: Christian is precisely one fathom tall.

Fun Fact: Christian arranges her movie collection by director.

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